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Bid Opportunity

Abandoned Mine Reclamation Project in Carbon County 

On November 17, 2017, a bid was issued for an abandoned mine reclamation project in Carbon County.

The principal items of work and approximate quantities include: clearing and grubbing, 177.6 acres; grading, 1,937,857 cubic yards; drainage excavation, 8,066 cubic yards; and granular sodium bentonite clay lining 605 tons.

All bids will be opened on December 14, 2017, at 2 p.m.

Bid documents, including drawings in PDF format and Auto-Cad Map 3D format, may be downloaded for free by going to www.BidExpress.com. For additional information please contact the PA DEP Construction Contracts Section at (717) 787-7820.

Policy & Regulatory Update

After Australian cyclone, coking coal spikes as China chases U.S. supplies

China, the world’s biggest coking coal importer, is scrambling to cover Australian supply disruptions after Cyclone Debbie knocked out mines and rails by turning to an unusual source: the United States.

Save our remaining coal plants from closure

We take electricity for granted until something causes us to lose power for a few hours, or perhaps even a few days. Losing power is a very inconvenient reminder of why we need an electric power grid that is both reliable — that is, having an adequate supply of electricity — and resilient — that is, responsive to extreme events that interrupt power.